zebra crossing, or otherwise?

This is the corner of Nicholson and Droop Streets, in Footscray.

Zebra Crossing (line marks)

When the road was tightened a few years earlier, it shows up the illuminations were originally a traditional non-zebra crossing. With just a single lane of road traffic (which extremely rarely obtains a green), and couple of motor vehicles in fact using it, few pedestrians bothered to wait and press the button.

It’s not aided by the red man being the default. At lots of locations, this consisted of, making the green default would make even more feeling.

I consider a year ago they painted zebra crossing lines as well. Now it doesn’t make sense. Are you indicated to await the green man, or otherwise?

Maybe they still need the autos appearing of Nicholson Street to await a green, but there must be other combination of markings they can use that isn’t really contradictory.

Getting rid of the zebra stripes and making the green man the default, unless a vehicle activates the green light versus it, would possibly be the reasonable thing right here.

Exist various other places such as this with inconsistent and/or confusing road markings?

News Story Credit: http://www.danielbowen.com/2014/05/19/zebra-crossing-or-not/

But do you know Aussies how much road line markings are needed ? And I bet it’s not possible to replace road markings as it’s the identity of road actually without road line marks, there will be 200% more chances of uncontrolled traffic system.

Australian pedistrians should report to authorities if line marking on road is confusing or missing and the government or private properties owner should call line marking Melbourne agencies to fix it. Not sure about other lining service companies I know one who are very well experienced and professional at all kind of line markings, it’s Advance LineMarking (Melbourne) Contractors.